About us

About Us

The Philemon School of Jungian Psychotherapy and Psychosocial Practice was founded in 2022 in order to broaden the availability and access to Jungian training in the UK. The School aims to help individuals qualify as therapists and offer training to qualified therapists and professionals to help them understand, appreciate and apply the Jungian principles to their work and their own self development in a way that was not previously available. 

The approach of The School is to train students to be able to apply the Jungian principles to their work and also undertake a journey of self development themselves. The work can be largely experiential in line with the belief that a person cannot assist others in going further in the process of self development unless they have undertaken that journey for themselves.

As part of our aim to bring affordable and inclusive high quality training, The School will aim to offer support in whatever form is possible to a percentage of students who, due to various limiting factors, would not otherwise be able to consider such training.  Such support, where support is deemed appropriate, will be offered to individuals who show exceptional commitment to the study of Jungian psychology, personal commitment to the Path of Individuation – and commitment post qualification to ‘give back’ in the form of reduced fee therapy within the school to students in similar circumstances – However, there will be no ‘free rides,’ for, while we fully intend to offer support, The School also recognises the very important role of self-motivation in every individual's journey of Individuation.

For further information, please email us at: admissions@philemonschool.uk